Where Do I Want to Live in Heaven?



Where Do I Want to Live in Heaven?

Is this a strange question? Maybe, but perhaps we ought to be asking it.  Most people say, “I just hope I get there – if there is a heaven, huh?!”

Let me ask you this – have you ever thought about heaven, or speculated if such a place exists?  Possibly you mutter, “If there is a heaven, I’d love to have a house in the mountains, or on a lake, in a warm climate, or overlooking the ocean!”  Or could it be that you don’t care to go because it would be boring just sitting on a cloud somewhere playing a harp?!

Many pictures pop into our minds.  My pictures were always of a little house, sort of like those in the Hobbit, in the mountains, warm, wild flowers budding in abundance, and the sound of a gently babbling brook running by. Ahh!  Heaven to me!

But suddenly a couple of weeks ago one thought popped into my mind. “What I really want is to live near Jesus!” Sorry if I sound like a saint, I am not.  But, at that moment, I realized that if I want to live near Jesus, I had better get busy on improving myself here and now.

Doesn’t the answer to this question tell us a lot about what should motivate us as Christians?  Perhaps as we think about it, maybe it can help us move out of our selfish behavior and self promoting goals into a more God centered way of thinking and living.

I believe that there must be some significance to how we live our lives now that will carry into the eternity.  I have heard many people exclaim, “As long as I can squeak into heaven, that’s all I need! That’s all that matters.  I just want to make it there, so I’ll just do the bare minimum to get in!”  But if that is our attitude, isn’t that pointing to all the wrong reasons to want to be in heaven?  Just wallowing in ourselves and not caring what we do as long as we “make it” doesn’t seem like that will get us there anyway.

When it is all boiled down and crystallized, the Bible says that if we love Christ, the Kingdom of God is within us NOW.  And, that love should drive us to become more and more like Him – even if it means enduring times of hardship and suffering.

Jesus said, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” (John 14:23)

I am still working through all these thoughts, but it seems to me that the closer I become to Jesus on this earth, the closer my eternal home will be to Him someday.  And that should be all I care about!  The point of our lives is not to “go to heaven when we die.”  In fact, Christians have been incorrectly  using this formula as a conversion tool for decades. But instead, when we accept Christ for the right reasons, this will dictate our answer to the question at hand.

Do we want the life Jesus is calling us to, here and now?


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