About Judy and Faith


The PK/Women’s Ministry Leader and the Pastor’s Wife

We are the best of friends who always seem to be doing the same things.   We drive the same car, both collect Starbucks mugs, both love tea, and most of all we both are ardent followers of Jesus Christ.

Judy Hardy

General Info:  I am a PK (Daughter of a pastor); wife to a great husband; blest to be the mother of two wonderful sons; mother-in-law to two of the “best ever” daughters; grandmother to two exceptionally fantastic grandsons; and two purrfectly fine and pampered cats ; former Director of Women’s Ministries, former piano teacher; former office manager; Women’s Ministries Consultant; Women’s Bible Study leader, mentor and discipler.

Interests: Greatest desire to know and love  Jesus more; nutrition/health; being with family; spending time with precious grandsons; making greeting cards (Stampin Up); writing; word puzzle fancier; love being by the ocean – watching & listening to the waves curl and splash against the shore, Bible Study, reading.

Vision for life:  To know Jesus more and live each day for His glory; always thankful for the many blessings He has given; desire to be faithful to God and a woman after His own heart; and that others would see more of Jesus and less of Judy in me.

Faith Burnham

General Info:    Wife to a fantastic husband; mother of two, wonderful young adult “kids” and a little, white dog; former pastor’s wife (20 years); ministry assistant; wanna-be theologian, piano teacher; former scientist/current plant/tree enthusiast, avid walker.

Interests:   Christocentric theology (Jesus);   piano/guitar/music;  science/nutrition;  anything my kids do (art, golf, sports); writing; obsessed with trees;  special heart for the most needy of society.

Vision for Life:  Live day by day with the circumstances God has given me, being content, faithful to Jesus and joyfully serving others.


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